Our Approach

Joint Strategies will design and deliver innovative, tailored development programs for managers and leaders. Our clients range from scientific agencies to mainstream organisations.

We believe that to be successful, a leadership and management development initiative must combine the key elements of the organisational context with the attributes and skills necessary to operate effectively in a leadership role.

Effective leaders and managers must:

  • Be aware of the political, cultural and operational environment of the organisation, including the key business drivers and how the organisation is governed, and how the organisation and its people must evolve to effectively do business in that environment;
  • Understand the theory and practice of leadership in business teams and the management of team effectiveness;
  • Be able to manage themselves in order to better manage others and to effectively manage key relationships; and
  • Competently use key tools and systems for effective management of the business.

A fundamental element of the approach therefore is close collaboration with the client in detailed design to develop and incorporate key themes and issues particular to the organisational context.

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